Long Close Out Drill With TJ Otzelberger

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Long Close Out Drill With TJ Otzelberger

In the sport of basketball defensive players must attempt to prevent offensive shots or drives to the basket which could lead to scoring.  One way in which this is accomplished is through the use of the Defensive Close Out.

The defensive close out occurs when a defensive player runs towards the player who has the ball to disrupt the offensive action which could potentially be a jump shot or might be a variety of different drives towards the basket.  How the defensive player accomplishes this Defensive Close Out is the key to success of the defensive play.

Closeout Footwork


The defensive player must vary the style of the steps they take in order to effectively cover the distance without sprinting wildly and losing control, risking going out of position.  The initial steps need to be large steps to cover the distance and then midway to the position, the player should shift to short, choppy steps which will help them regain balance and maintain control.  If they approach the offensive player without the short, choppy steps they will risk being out maneuvered as the player makes their way to the basket.

Closeout Hands

When the defensive player approaches the player with the ball, they must present with hands high just above the shoulders to disrupt their vision and their shot attempts.  The defensive players hands must not be too high, because this could potentially put them in a position where they will lose their balance.

Keeping the hands in a good defensive position is key to prevent the shot, but the player must be careful not to put themselves in a position where they could foul the offensive player.  

The overall key to the success of the defensive closeout is to be as quick as possible, while maintaining control and balance to allow for the next defensive action no matter where the offensive player decides to take the ball.

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