The Big Man Master Plan with Kendrick Perkins

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The Big Man Master Plan with Kendrick Perkins

 To most young NBA fans Kendrick Perkins is the wildly popular NBA sports analyst on ESPN who brings a boisterous, passionate "real talk" approach to his commentary.  Kendrick Perkins is also a 16 year NBA player who was the starting center on the 2008 Boston Celtics.

Kendrick Perkins spent the majority of his NBA career playing for the Boston Celtics after being drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies and being traded immediately to Boston. Kendrick Perkins would have 8 productive years with the Celtics helping to achieve the world title in 2008. 

During the NBA Finals of 2010, Kendrick Perkins would incur a knee injury that would take him out of the playoffs.  He would not return to the court until 2011 and would be traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2011.  He would remain with the Thunder until 2015.

During the last few years of his career he would play for the New Orleans Pelicans, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and would ultimately transition to the G League playing for the Canton Charge, with a final stop once again with the Cleveland Cavaliers before retirement.

Let's check out a few videos that will give the younger basketball fans some perspective on the player they may know as the ESPN analyst with the alleged beef with R&B star Drake.

Kendrick Perkins Center of Attention


 The Legacy of Kendrick Perkins



 We, at Effective Basketball, have been lucky to welcome The Big Man Kendrick Perkins to our basketball instructional family.  In this short video, he chats with us briefly about his proudest moment, winning the NBA title in 2008 for the Boston Celtics.

 Kendrick Perkins has joined forces with Effective Basketball to share his Big Man Master Plan series.  In it you're going to learn all of the fundamental techniques and plays that helped Kendrick maintain his long NBA career.

Enjoy this excerpt from the series where he demonstrates a Show Defense against a High Pick N' Roll.




 For more of The Big Man Master Plan check out the full series below.  You're going to learn the same drills and skills that helped Kendrick during his 16 year NBA career become a difference-making big man on every team he played for, going as far as to help win the world title in 2008 with Boston.

You don't just make it 16 years in the NBA without hard work.  He's going to show you all of the secrets to offense and defense and show how the center skills he developed can be used by you and your teams.  Who better to give you the Big Man game plan than this sought after NBA Analyst on ESPN.

If you're a bigger player or work with a team where you have some untapped Big Man potential, you need the BIG MAN MASTER PLAN from Kendrick Perkins and Effective Basketball.  Get your copy here or at the Buy Now Link below.







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