Crack Open the Defensive Closeout Encyclopedia With Coach Andy Toole

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Crack Open the Defensive Closeout Encyclopedia With Coach Andy Toole

A solid defense is critical in any game.  Being able to defensively closeout effectively will ensure that players are not able to get off passes, shots, or have clear lanes to dribble the ball towards the basket.  Without a well-developed defensive closeout skill your team defense will constantly suffer as the opposing team creates mismatches and has clear paths to the hoop.

A Solid Defensive Closeout Game Helps Win Games

Coach Andy Toole of the Robert Morris Cavaliers has joined forces with to share the DEFENSIVE CLOSEOUT ENCYCLOPEDIA to share all of the drills and techniques that will firm up your squad's defensive fortifications and seal off any offensive options your opponents might have once had.

Coach Andy Toole has been Head Coach of Robert Morris University's basketball program for over 11 years.  In that time, he has amassed a 192-169 record and as one of the youngest coaches in Division I basketball he has helped the Cavaliers win the regular season championship twice in 2013 and 2014.  He has also lead the team to the NEC championship twice in 2015 and 2020.

The Defensive Closeout Encyclopedia To The Rescue

If you're a player or coach in need of the tools to improve the Defensive Closeouts in your game to prevent teams from having the easy road to the hoop, you need to check out Coach Andy Toole's new instructional.  Jam-packed with drills designed to improve the performance of individual players and those that address the team as a whole and will build a comprehensive defensive-minded squad that will frustrate and stop the opposing team from scoring at will.

Defensive Closeout Encyclopedia Back Cover


 Hole 1 On 1 Defensive Closeout Drill from Coach Andy Toole

In the video below, Coach Andy Toole breaks down in great detail the Hole 1 On 1 Defensive Closeout drill that will help simulate a variety of bad scenarios for players to hone their defensive skills against.  Depending on where the pass from the coach lands, the player will have to make use of defensive postures, hand placement and movements that best fit the scenario.  Best of all, they will be making these decisions in game-like scenarios where quick adjustments and confident decision making is key.

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 Now that you've seen an excerpt from DEFENSIVE CLOSEOUT ENCYCLOPEDIA from Coach Andy Toole, it's time for you to grab your own copy from

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