Get Your Offense Moving With Greg Lansing's Motion System

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Get Your Offense Moving With Greg Lansing's Motion System

Former Indiana State Men's Basketball Coach, Greg Lansing has spent more than the last decade as the head coach leading the team to a 181-164 record, one of the best coaching records in the team's history.  Prior to this, he was an assistant at the university for another 5 years.

Coach Lansing has joined forces with to open up the playbook on his Motion System Offense.  In this system, he shares all of the transition offense he used to capitalize on turnovers and other defensive mistakes.


 In this excerpt from MOTION SYSTEM OFFENSE, Coach Lansing breaks down the Pistol Action play.  What exactly is the Pistol Action play?

In simplest terms, the Pistol Action is when the guard dribbles up the court towards a wing who has set up in one corner.  The third member of the play sets up as a post or a wing on the 3-point line.  These three players form a loose triangle.  The play is always run towards a sideline.

The play happens when the guard dribbles up the floor to hand off or pass the ball to the wing.  The third player stands by nearby to assist in screening the defense.  The two main Pistol Action options are a dribble handoff and the other is a pick and roll.

This simple play is great for developing players and teams to understand and perfect.  The play is also highly popular with most NBA teams running it at some point during the game.  The possibilities and opportunities that can be opened up with this simple to follow play make it something that can be reused again and again.

Check out the excerpt from MOTION SYSTEM OFFENSE below and learn more about Coach Greg Lansing's approach to the play.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, you'll learn all of the transition and half court offense creating plays Coach Lansing has perfected over his 30 years of coaching.

 For many more transition and half court action plays, you need to get yourself a copy of MOTION SYSTEM OFFENSE from Coach Greg Lansing and  You can get your copy here!








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