Developing Basketball Defensive Skills With Andy Toole

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Developing Basketball Defensive Skills With Andy Toole

There are a variety of defensive packages that can be employed by basketball coaches, but at the end of the day, these coaches must be able to trust in the defensive skills of each player and be able to count on a solid man-to-man defense when the game calls for it.  Defensive skills can be more challenging to develop for a player.  First and foremost, everyone likes to play offense better, whereas defense is typically more gritty and some players can be reluctant to put in the work to improve their defense.

The offensive player knows what they want to do on the court, while the defensive player's job is much more difficult because they need to be able to anticipate what the offense is doing and be able to react quickly and stop the offense in its tracks.  The payoff for a good defense is that they will create more offensive opportunities for their team and hopefully more points and victories, so the improvement of one's defense must be a high priority, particularly from a man-to-man perspective.

Defensive Skills Come With Drilling

 Coach Andy Toole of Robert Morris University has joined forces with to bring players and coaches the DEFENSIVE CLOSEOUT ENCYCLOPEDIA.  In this volume you will learn all of the secrets and drills that have made Coach Andy Toole the winningest coach in RMU's history and kept him winning for more than a decade.  By using his closeout techniques and drills, you will force more bad shots and breakdowns that will lead to more opportunities for your team to score and to win.

Check out this 1 on 1 Defensive Drill excerpt from the new series from Coach Andy Toole.

 Developing strong defense takes more work for players and for coaches.  Players must be willing to accept the challenge and get out of their 'offense only' comfort zones.

Defensive-minded players work harder and some might say have to be smarter than offensive-minded players.  The defensive players must be able to anticipate the next offensive move and then use their reactions to control the tempo of the game, the availability of shot opportunities and be ready to turn the momentum back to their side when the opportunity shows itself.

Coaches who wish to develop the defensive skills of their players must work hard to create realistic scenarios and drills that allow players to experience game style tempo to best prepare them for the real experience under the lights.  Coach Andy Toole is here with his DEFENSIVE CLOSEOUT drills to keep your players engaged and developing.

To get your copy of Coach Andy Toole's DEFENSIVE CLOSEOUT ENCYCLOPEDIA head over to or click the links below.  Put your opponent's on their heels and exploit the holes in their game with Coach Andy Toole's help.





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