The Basketball Passing Drills Your Team Needs To Win With Colin Pfaff

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The Basketball Passing Drills Your Team Needs To Win With Colin Pfaff

 Colin Pfaff is one of the most renowned basketball coaches in the country.  He has been Head Coach of the highly competitive Windward High School in Los Angeles, a private school with about 500 students.  In his first four seasons, the team lead by Coach Pfaff has amassed a 93-33 record and in the 2019-2020 season they achieved a 28-8 record setting multiple school records during that season.

The basketball scene in Los Angeles is highly competitive with nearly every team having at least one sought after college prospect on their roster.  While Windward High School does a great job balancing sports and academics, basketball is still a year-round endeavor for coaches and players.

Basketball Passing Drills Efficiently Hone Skills

Coach Colin Pfaff stresses the importance of drilling to help build necessary skills, but to also serve as warmups or even actual workouts during the pre-season.  The importance of drilling becomes even more important during the competitive season when practice time is not as leisurely available and player development time must be used as efficiently as possible.

In the excerpt below from his new series TWO WAY PLAYER DEVELOPMENT DRILLS from, Coach Colin Pfaff runs us through a series of two player drills that start off relatively simple and build in both intensity and skills that they are focusing on.  Check it out below!

 Two Player Partner Passing Drill

The Basics of the Drill



For this drill, Coach Colin Pfaff recommends that players be stationed about 8-10 feet from each other.  The players can be set up on the base line and on the foulline facing each other for example.

The First Basketball Drill Example

In the first drill, Coach Pfaff has the players start with their right hands.  He tells them to perform three quick dribbles and then pass the ball.  He has the players perform five repetitions of this drill and then he has them switch to their left hands.

Increased Intensity Variations of the Basketball Drill

In the next few examples, Coach Pfaff asks the players to add things like dribbles behind the back and between the legs.  Depending on the skills the coach is looking to hone in on, they can customize the repetitions in a way to most benefit their players.

Benefits of the Partner Basketball Passing Drill

There are a number of important benefits that are derived from these partner drills.  First and foremost, the players are developing their hand and eye coordination with the dribbling and passing variations utilizing both their dominant and their non-dominant hands.

Another important benefit would be that the players are forced to stay in a stance with their eyes up and forward through the drill to be able to react to the partner's passing.  This helps reinforce crucial game time skills that will pay off on the court.

Lastly, as the intensity of the drill goes up, so does the players' heartrate.  Therefore, these drills can be utilized as a warmup to further practice or as a workout in and of themselves.  By keeping the players blood pumping, while they must perform these dribbling and passing repetitions, the players become inoculated to fatigue that could inhibit their play during games.

These drills are just one of many that you will find on Coach Colin Pfaff's Two-Way Player Development Drills series available from  Check it out today and inject some easy to follow techniques and drills that will further develop your team's skills.  You can get it here or at














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