Making the Intangibles of a Perfect Shooter Tangible With Duncan Robinson

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Making the Intangibles of a Perfect Shooter Tangible With Duncan Robinson

Duncan Robinson wasn't always the three-point shot master that he is now.  He wasn't always the player that this season has hit at least three three-point shots in the last 10 games.  As his high school years came to an end, by his own admission, Duncan Robinson wasn't that good of a player.

Duncan Robinson Built Himself Into the NBA's Premiere Shooter

As a freshman the 5 foot 7 inch point guard did not see much playing time.  But by investing in his training with a basketball coach, he would finish high school at 6 foot 8 inches and 195 lbs.  He averaged 18.5 points per game his senior year.

1600 Three-Point Shots a Week

One of the keys to Duncan Robinson's current 51.7 percent three-point shot success rate was practicing his shooting for hours a day in his formative years.  He would aim for 1600 shots per week to build the shot mechanics that he employs so effortlessly today.  

His work ethic in practice led him to a record setting year at Division III Williams College where he set a number of freshman records.  After the head coach of the Division III powerhouse was lured away, Duncan Robinson made a move to Division I's Michigan becoming the first player to transfer from Division III to Division I with a full scholarship.  After an initial redshirt season, Duncan would help lead the Wolverines to the Final Four his sophomore season.

78 Three-Point Shots In 5 Minutes

It's interesting to note that during his red shirt year, Robinson once hit 78 three-point shots in 5 minutes during a shooting drill.  The 1600 shots a week had certainly paid off for this future member of the Miami Heat.

Duncan Robinson's shooting prowess would eventually help the Wolverines get to the National Championship game in 2018 where they would be defeated by the Villanova squad that year. Robinson would become the first player to play in a Division III and a Division I championship game during his career.

Though he would go undrafted by the NBA in 2018, he would stay involved by signing to the Miami Heat's Summer League program where he would excel.  During 5 Summer League games, he would boast a 63% three-point shot percentage.  He would eventually become an integral part of the Miami Heat squad and help them get to the NBA Finals in 2020 where they would be defeated by the Lakers in 6 games.

In the video below, available from, we get a brief glimpse into the mind and work ethic of Duncan Robinson.  Check it out below!


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