Master Momentum Shots With Basketball Trainer Mike Dunn

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Master Momentum Shots With Basketball Trainer Mike Dunn

 When learning to become a better shooter, up and coming players must dig deep and become familiar with the foundations of shooting.  The proper form and body mechanics must be united with the proper use of of power and energy.

It's no secret that shots that require more power and strength sometimes come with a noticeable decrease in effective mechanics.  Imagine yourself standing at half court and attempt to shoot a picture perfect shot with pristine mechanics.  Most likely the power required for you to get it to the basket is going to diminish the quality of your mechanics and force you to cut corners.

Now if you magically had a basketball that was filled with kinetic energy that you just had to point towards the basket, you could focus less on getting it there and more on getting it there perfectly.  That's what capitalizing on momentum allows you to do on the court.

Capitalizing On Momentum to Keep Basketball Shot Form In Tact Is Key For Mike Dunn

Harnessing the innate power within a moving ball and redirecting that energy into the shot will help minimize the amount of strength and power needed to reach the basket.  This 'recycling' of kinetic energy will free the shooter up to focus more on form and mechanics rather than simply throwing up the ball in a feat of strength.

In the drill below, renowned shooting Coach Mike Dunn uses a simple bounce pass from a partner to create the initial momentum.  This is just one of the many drills and techniques included on FOUNDATIONS OF SHOOTING from Coach Mike Dunn.  Check it out below!

 Once the partner passes the ball, the shooters goal is to attempt to redirect without stopping the energy.  Like a martial artist who studies aikido or judo and attempts to exploit the opponent's energy to get them moving somewhere they may not have intended, the masterful basketball shooter will quickly redirect the pass coming at them and redirect that energy towards the basket.  

This will ideally save them the effort of generating the shooting power necessary or at least all of it.  Through this redirection, the basketball shooter can focus more on perfecting their body and shooting mechanics to ensure that the ball reaches the basket.

The improved efficiency of allowing the energy from momentum to be used again, will go a long way towards making one a better shooter and a better player in general.  The concept of using momentum can also be implemented in other areas of the game like changing direction when defending shots or in offensive plays.

To learn more of the essential principles that every shooter builds their skills around, you need to get get Coach Mike Dunn's FOUNDATIONS OF SHOOTING.  In this series he covers the understanding of the backboard surface, foot and leg stances, body mechanics, drills and many more essential details that will have you comfortably shooting from anywhere on the court in any situation.  You can get it here at!




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