How The Backpedal Will Make You A Better QB With Quincy Avery

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How The Backpedal Will Make You A Better QB With Quincy Avery

We all know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.  In almost every area of life whether it is our careers or sports, you will encounter people who are ultra successful and who achieved that success through hard work.  Conversely, you will come across people who are supremely talented, but simply lack the work ethic to capitalize on their potential and therefore don't achieve what someone who works hard does.  

The case of Tom Brady comes to mind.  Here was a player who did not receive glowing feedback and recommendations from scouts at the end of his college career, but ultimately went on to astronomical success on the football field by working harder than his more talented peers that may not even be in the NFL anymore.

There's an old saying that in preparation for battle, it's important to sweat more during training, so that we bleed less in battle.  For the best athletic performance at game time, it's important to know that you've done the hard work in practice, so much so, that the game is just that--a game.

Military personnel have another saying that soldiers don't rise to the occasion on the battlefield.  Instead, in the heat of the battle, the soldiers simply fall back to their level of training.  In other words, training must be made challenging and difficult to properly prepare one for any situation.

QB Coach Quincy Avery Uses Drills Like the Backpedal To Challenge Students

Longtime Quarterback Coach Quincy Avery has mastered the development of this crucial position on the football field.  He has worked with the likes of DeShaun Watson and Jalen Hurts.

In the video below from you get an exclusive look into Coach Quincy Avery's approach and philosophy to coaching developing quarterbacks.

Check it out below!


Backpedal Increases Quarterback Training Intensity 

As you can see in this drill, Coach Quincy Avery ups the intensity of the exercise to put the player under pressure.  The act of backpedaling keeps them moving and forces them to make quick adjustments to reach their intended targets with the ball. 

The backpedal creates momentum that must be stopped which takes extra work.  The player must make a number of rapid fire body adjustments to put themselves in the place that is most conducive to make the connection to their intended targets.  All of these things increase the workload and can be more challenging than the game time experience.  By training at the highest intensity possible, the player develops a solid baseline to make anything on the game field easy in comparison.

By consistently working these drills, the player is sweating more in training and will ideally bleed less AND WIN MORE on the game field!

Get more of Coach Quincy Avery's approach to the quarterback position with THE MECHANICS OF THE QUARTERBACK POSITION available now from  You will learn all of the drills and techniques that Quincy Avery uses with his clients on the field.  Check it out here!




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