Mastering The Two Point Play In Football With Kevin Kelley

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Mastering The Two Point Play In Football With Kevin Kelley

If you ask the most casual football fan what a team should do on 4th down when the team has more than just one or two yards to go to the first down, the most common answer you'll receive is that the team should punt.

The same goes if you ask them "When should a team use an onside kick?"  The answer would most assuredly go something like this--when a team is desperate, behind on the scoreboard and needs to quickly regain possession of the ball to hopefully score again.

Lastly, if you ask those same casual high school or pro football fans what comes after a touchdown, nearly every single one of them will answer that the team who just scored will line up and kick the extra point.

Coach Kevin Kelley is far from your casual fan.  He is also far from your traditional football coach.

Coach Kevin Kelley Masterfully Uses Two Point Plays

 Looking at those same questions and the coaching style of Coach Kevin Kelley, it's easy to see why he's seen across the sporting world as a disrupter.  His teams are rarely ever going to punt.  He employs onside kicks until his team has comfortably secured a 21 point or more lead.  And as far as two point conversions go, he goes for two on the first two touchdowns of all games.  

Why has he developed a game plan that seems to fly in the face of convention?  Early on in his coaching career, Coach Kelley stumbled upon some football statistics that got him thinking about the scoring potential of these outside of the box approaches to the game of high school football.  By using statistics, he has developed a winning approach to the game that has made his teams ultra-successful and his opponents scrambling to try to keep up.

Coach Kelley Outlines Two Point Play Options

In the video below available from, Coach Kevin Kelley goes into minute detail how he uses his approach to succeed and to develop his players.  Check it out below.


 When asked about why he goes for two point conversion on his team's first two touchdowns of every game, he insists that not only is this a tactic that shows a dominating performance on the scoreboard, but most importantly--being down 16 points early on, changes the way that the opposing coach leads the team and how the team itself performs.

This strategy of using two point conversions is just one of the reasons that Coach Kevin Kelley and his teams have won 8 State Football Championships.  His players and teams have set 15 National High School Football records.  Coach Kelley has amassed a career coaching record of 203-29-1 through his use of strategy and statistics.  Rather than just fly by the seat of his pants or rely on his gut instinct, Coach Kelley has perfected the use of real statistics to drive his teams to victory.

You too can learn all of the secrets of one of the most innovative high school football coaches in America.  Kevin Kelley stumbled upon a valuable insight years ago that helped him challenge the status quo and become one of the most successful coaches on the planet.  Get HIGH PERCENTAGE 2 POINT PLAYS and you will get all 7 of Coach Kelley's favorite and most effective set ups.


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