Running Back Patience and Chopping With Brandon Jacobs

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Running Back Patience and Chopping With Brandon Jacobs

The running back position requires a number of skills.  Not only must the athlete be strong and powerful to fight through defenders and potential tackles, but they must also pair this power with speed and agility.  Today's athlete cannot simply power their way through tackles.  The best running backs are those who are able to develop patience, timing, and chopping skills.

Running Back Brandon Jacobs Knows About Chopping

Brandon Jacobs is a two-time Superbowl champion running back who spent the majority of his career with the New York Giants.  Both Superbowl victories were over the New England Patriots.

Drafted in 2005 to the New York Giants, Brandon Jacobs was bigger than the average running back in the NFL at the time.  He was 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 264 lbs.  Even at that size, he was able to run the 100 meters in just under 11 seconds.  He continues to hold the New York Giants franchise record for most career rushing touchdowns.  He also ranks fourth with most career rushing yards.

Going into his second season with the Giants, Brandon Jacobs credits his time studied the nuances of the Tennessee Titans legendary running back Eddie George with helping him develop his style.

Chopping With Brandon Jacobs

In the video below from CoachSpot.Com, Brandon Jacobs works with several young athletes to teach them the skill of chopping which means keeping the feet "chopping" or moving to allow them to quickly and easily make lateral adjustments when the time is right to capitalize on hole that materialize in the defense.  Check it out!

 The Chopping Drill Develops Patience

The chopping drill allows the athlete to develop patience by focusing on the simple act of moving their feet in short, choppy steps for about 10-15 yards.  Much like a boxer who uses shadow boxing to sharpen their skills against imaginary opponents, the athletes using the chopping drill can imagine openings in the defense that they can run through.

By keeping their feet moving and developing that patience, they will be more likely to quickly and efficiently make use of any openings that present themselves.  The constant movement of the feet can also serve as a bit of a distraction for defenders who might be making their own moves to connect with the running back and having the ability to cut back and forth drastically improves that running back's ability to be stealthy against defenders.

The Running Back Chopping Drill Can Be Done Anywhere

Another great advantage of this chopping drill from Brandon Jacobs is that it can be performed anywhere, with no equipment necessary (not even a football).  Since the goal is simply to improve the agility and dexterity of the runner's feet and ankles, they are able to simply pretend that they are clutching the football tight to their chest.

 To learn more from two-time Super Bowl winning running back, Brandon Jacobs, check out FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TAILBACK POSITION available here or at  In it you will learn all of the drills and techniques that helped make Brandon Jacobs one of the premier NFL running backs and help his team achieve the ultimate goal, not once but twice!









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